Tails on other Rails

Companion animals, including dogs have been allowed to travel on the Melbourne suburban rail network (PTV trains) for a number of years.
They must be on a leash, wear a muzzle and be under control at all times. If they make a mess, the owner must clean it up.
Speaking to a driver of 17 years experience he said he had never had an issue with dogs on the train. People on the other hand…
The very reasonable rules can be found on the link below:
https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/more/travelling-on-the-network/animals-on-public-transport/ (retrieved 19/2/2022)

On the Melbourne Metro- no eyebrows raised…

In late 2019 Auckland Transport (AT) allowed dogs on trains outside of peak hours. Dogs must be on a short leash, have a muzzle and be under the control of a person over 16.
The rules are straight forward. https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/luggage-bikes-animals/taking-animals-on-public-transport/ (retrieved 22/2/2022)

Councillor Cathy Casey and Suzie on an Auckland Train service (photo thanks to Cathy Casey)

Dogs are allowed on the London train system, again with simple and reasonable restrictions.

9.15 You can take an assistance dog on our bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and Elizabeth line services. You can also take any other dog or inoffensive animal on these services, unless there is a good reason for us to refuse it (such as if the animal seems dangerous or not properly controlled). You must keep it under control on a lead or in a suitable container and must
not allow it on a seat.

This information is from the Transport For London Conditions of Carriage regulation.https://content.tfl.gov.uk/tfl-conditions-of-carriage.pdf (retrieved 10/07/2023)

Transport for London are all for canine tails on trains. Allowing good dogs on our services aids us in our efforts to encourage active travel and reduce car dependency. We encourage Sydney’s train operators to welcome good dogs and their responsible human companions in their great city, just as we do in ours. We allow our four-legged friends on all our buses, trams and trains – free of charge, at all times – because we recognise that many passengers (including women travelling late at night) feel far safer with them on hand. We firmly believe that everyone should feel confident, comfortable, safe and secure when using our services. We hope our estimable colleagues in Sydney not only feel the same but can appreciate that good dogs are an essential part of ensuring that is the case. 

Customer Relations & Policy Investigations
Transport for London Customer Services
9 March 2023

Dogs and pets are allowed on many train and other transport services in Europe. In some cases they can travel for free, in others for a child fare.
The regulations for dogs are much the same in that they must be on a leash, under control and any mess is cleaned up. Larger dogs are often required to be muzzled.
The travel website Rail Europe has a summary of pets on many train services in Europe. See the link below:
https://www.raileurope.com/en/blog/pets-on-trains (retrieved 19/2/2022)