Good Dog Good Owner

Being a good dog on trains is much like being a good dog in public. And a good dog also relies on a good owner. We think Melbourne and Auckland have struck a good balance. Our project differs only in that we want to allow pets on trains on weekends.

For Tails on Rails a good dog will:

  • Be able to sit or lie quietly on a leash on the floor
  • Be used to and able to wear a comfortable muzzle (hard or soft)
  • Not jump onto or sit on seats
  • Leave other passengers alone
  • Be well toilet-trained and not make a mess

For Tails on Rails a good dog owner will:

  • Be relaxed and able to enjoy the trip with their four-legged travel buddy
  • Be able to settle their dog
  • Bring only one dog (or perhaps two small dogs?) on the train
  • Not allow their dog onto seats
  • Ensure other passengers are not inconvenienced
  • Carry poo bags and clothes/wipes to clean up any accidents
  • Carry water in a suitable travel container
  • Carry treats to help make the trip enjoyable
Good dogs – on leash, on floor, muzzles. Melbourne May 2022

Other considerations

There is concern that pets on trains may interfere with Assistance Animals that are “at work” ‘mitigating the impact of a person’s disability. Tails on Rails is concerned, that, as in public places, dog owners know to keep their pets away from Assistance Animals. We are in touch with Guide Dogs Australia to ensure they are included and provide guidance and education for people and their companion animals.