With the RSPCA, Lord Mayor Clover Moore, and NSW Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst on board (yes pun intended), there is growing support for allowing companion animals on trains. London, Melbourne and Auckland are doing it already. It simply works.

Tails on Rails needs the support of dog lovers who would love to travel on Sydney Trains on weekends with their dog.

How can you help?
Ask your local State member to make an approach to the Minister for Transport to allow dogs to travel on Sydney Trains on weekends. Below are some points to help you make the case:

  • The law in NSW does not need to be changed. The Passenger Transport (General) Regulation section 53 (1) b does not allow dogs however “in the case of a train—except under the conditions imposed by the rail transport operator of the relevant railway for the conveyance of the animal.” This means that the operator (Sydney Trains) can impose conditions to allow dogs on trains without a legislative change. Changing regulations is an administrative rather than legislative change.
  • Making changes without having to change the law is far easier than having to change the law through NSW Parliament. It would involve “tweaking” the current conditions of carriage for animals found at
  • Dogs are allowed on Melbourne and Auckland suburban trains on a leash and wearing a muzzle.
  • Weekends are a good trial period as the trains are less crowded and people are more relaxed.
  • Train travel reduces road congestion, pollution and petrol use.
  • Tails in Rails supports the NSW active public transport model*. This aims to increase walking and exercise. Taking your dog on a train allows to you visit more varied walking tracks for both yourself and your dog.

RSPCA Policy on companion animals on Public Transport

7.5.1 The RSPCA supports the adoption of public transport policies which allow companion animals to travel with their owner or caregiver, provided that:
a. the animal is appropriately restrained or confined at all times
b. the animal is under control, socialised to other animals and people, and is calm and comfortable
c. the owner or caregiver clean up after their animal.

from retrieved 18 Sep 2023

Lord Mayor Clover Moore‘s Mayoral Minute – At the Council meeting of 18 September 2023, City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore tabled a Mayoral Minute calling for pets to be allowed on public transport in Sydney.

The Minutes concludes with a call “that pets on public transport are
actively supported and encouraged in NSW as a means to reducing dependence
on cars and improving equity.”

from retrieved 20/9/2023

We have a Facebook and Instagram presence. We would love to see photos of good dogs on trains in Melbourne, Auckland, London or any other dog loving city.

No we’re not suggesting dogs actually drive trains! (Melbourne Metro train driver’s compartment) “I’ve been driving trains for twenty years. Never had a problem with dogs. People on the hand…”

*For more information on the Active Transport Program (retrieved 19/2/2022)